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My Conveniece Does Not Outweigh Your Safety

We may have never met, we may never meet. But I care about you. In fact I'll even go as far as saying I love you. Your happiness, your health, and your safety matter to me just as much as mine. Now, if we only all thought this way I wouldn't have to be writing this. However, this is not the case.

I wish I could instill this basic set of principles into every single person. Especially those that work in the medical device or pharmaceutical industry, or at the FDA. It seems that as human beings, many people in powerful positions have gotten too far away from the universal vibration of love and compassion.

But let me focus today on the medical device industry. More specifically, Essure, and its manufacturer, Bayer.

I want to talk about the benefits of this device, Essure. We all know the outrageous risks. At least I hope by now that you all know the different levels of risk that come with Essure. So let's look at the benefits. This is not a life saving or life sustaining device. It does not cure an illness or resolve any problems or symptoms. So what are the benefits? There are only two. Convenience and profit. A small convenience for the patient, IF she should not have any complications. A HUGE convenience for the physician, as they do not have to leave their office to go to the operating room, they can schedule multiple essure placements per day, and they don't have to perform any incisions. A HUGE profit margin that is double or even triple what a physician would make doing a traditional tubal ligation, and no outside hospital expenses for the insurance company to pay, all profit goes to the implanting physician. And let us not forget the HUGE profits going to the manufacturing company for the sale of this device. Convenience and profit. So is this enough benefit to outweigh the debilitating, even deadly, risks to the patient? According to the FDA, apparently it is.

Outside of slight convenience, if you are a lucky one, there is no other benefit to the patient. This is all about the benefits to the company and the physician. This device has been proven to be less effective and less safe than the traditional method of female sterilization. So it becomes glaringly obvious that it is being kept on the market for the sole benefit of the manufacturer and implanting physicians. And that makes me sick. Literally.

I can tell you right here and right now that I don't feel MY convenience outweighs your safety. I would never put your health, your happiness, or your safety at risk for my convenience. And I would hope that you feel the same way about me and every other soul out there.

Angie Firmalino

President ASHES non profit


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