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Mission Statement

ASHES is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission is to educate and improve patient awareness regarding medical devices. ASHES is dedicated to working with patients, the FDA and Government to find solutions to ensure safe medical devices for all patients as well as educating and advocating for implementing any laws or policies to ensure the safety of all medical devices. ASHES is committed to educating, empowering and ensuring patients are provided the necessary information, when making healthcare decisions.




The Medical Device Safety Act of 2019 H.R.2669, a bill currently in Congress, which if passed, will restore a patient's right to litigation if harmed by a Class III medical device.

Sign our petition  in support of the Medical Device Safety Act.


The Medical Device Guardians act of 2019 H.R.2915, a bill currently in Congress, would require physicians to report adverse events for medical devices directly to the FDA.

Sign our petition in support of the Medical Device Guardians Act.


ASHES also raises awareness about the pitfalls of our FDA medical device approval processes and post market surveillance, and hopes to facilitate much needed change to these practices. Our organization was instrumental in getting three bills introduced in Congress regarding Essure and other medical devices covered by premarket approval, as well as overall Medical Device Safety. We will continue to fight for better laws and safe and effective devices.

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