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Consumer Reports Safe Patient Project Summit

December 7-9, 2016

Angie Firmalino, president of ASHES nonprofit, and Amanda Rusmisell, legislative liaison of the Essure Problems Group, were invited to attend and speak at the 2016 Consumer Union's Safe Patient Project. This was our first year attending this special summit, an annual meeting of patient advocates. It was two days of speakers and workshops focusing on topics surrounding patient safety and the new path Consumer Reports is taking towards bringing these issues to the public.

Attending this year were David Antoon, Mary Brennan-Taylor, Joleen Chambers, Jamee Cook, Carol Cronin, Kathy Day, Chandra DeAlessandro, Martha Deed, Catherine Duff, Veverly and Robyn Edwards, Angie Firmalino, Lisa Freeman, Rosemary Gibson, Thomas Heymann, Marian Hollingsworth, Rex Johnson, John James, Kevin Kavanagh, Patricia Kelmar, Steve Langan, Susan Lee, Alan Levine, Christian John Lillis, Pat Mastors, Carol and Ty Moss, Randi Oster, Linda J L Radach, Jean Rexford, Amanda Rusmisell, Patricia Skolnik, Madris Tomes, Kim Witczak, and Yanling Yu. The event was hosted by Lisa McGiffort of Consumers Union.

Many new alliances were made and plans to create joint momentum going forward with our new found friends. We were thrilled to be included into this family of advocates and look forward to working with each and every one.

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